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The Third Letter to Students of International Education College

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Dear students,

In 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 spreads all over the world, the people of all countries responded positively to the local government assemble call, and majority of them stayed at home to decrease the infection rate. CDUTCM students around the world became the centre of the school that mostly concerned by the teachers.

In the face of the epidemic, the school made a decision to "Class suspended, yet Learning continues". Dear students, you have been studying online for more than three months, during this period of time, we together overcome a lot of hardships and insist on studying hard despite the difficulties of time difference, network instability and so on. In view of China’s current epidemic prevention policy, in order to continue the professional prevention and control measure, to complete the relevant academic requirements, please be sure to actively cooperate with the following terms:

1. Students should continue to actively cooperate with the arrangement of respective teachers, complete a variety forms of online and offline learning method, keep up your attendance rate, preview and review study materials in a timely manner, and accomplish the "Class suspended, yet Learning continues".

2. The students currently in China are required to promptly check the relevant epidemic prevention and control policies, then decide whether to return home country. If you decide to return, be sure to report to the teacher in advance, prepare and submit documents according to the relevant requirements. The school will carry out close management until the outbreak is lifted.

3. In order to successfully complete the relevant teaching tasks and examinations, the students who do not return to school this semester, please be sure to carefully read the Notice of 2020 Spring Semester IEC Student’s Retake Exam, Re-study, Final Exam and Related Teaching Affairs Arrangements, comparing with your actual situation to adjust your academic plan and get well prepared.

4. All students are supposed to continue on filling Health Daily Report on time, the data will be included in attendance rate, scholarship evaluation and school performance.  

Dearest students, the epidemic will be defeated, we will meet again when the cool autumn wind blew and turns the ginkgo leaves into gold!We wish all the students a good health, we are waiting for your safe return to the beautiful campus of CDUTCM!


International Education College

Chengdu University of TCM

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