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Another Letter to Students from IEC, CDUTCM

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Another Letter to Students from IEC, CDUTCM


Dear Students,


As required by the Ministry of Education, the universities will not open and the students will not return to campus before the effective control of COVID-19. See below for some important tips to follow. For each student please read and understand this announcement carefully.


To reduce the risk of your being infected, please stay at the place where you are right now and avoid inter-city transportation. Do not go out randomly and avoid crowded places which are susceptible to infection.


Now we remind again that all the international students outside China should not return to the university or China before receiving official back-to-university notification. Those who return to school or China without approval will be punished according to the school discipline,until expulsion. This will lead to the suspension of student visa by Chengdu Bureau of Entry and Exit. And scholarship students will also be punished according to the requirements of CSC.


Keep updated with your teachers your current residence and fill the form of health condition daily report to win the prevention war internationally.


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!



International Education College

Chengdu University of TCM

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