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Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province Update on the Epidemic of Novel Coronavirus Disease (CO

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Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province

Update on the Epidemic of

Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Sichuan Province


Feb. 26th, 2020

 I. Briefing on the epidemic

Latest updates by the Health Commission of Sichuan Province:

2 new cases of novel coronavirus disease was confirmed in Sichuan Province, with 8 new suspected cases and no new fatal case, while 14 patients have been newly cured and discharged from hospital on Feb. 25th. As of 00:00 of Feb. 26th, 531 cases have been reported in Sichuan Province accumulatively. At present, there are 236 under treatment in isolation (including 18 severe cases), 3 fatal cases,and 292 patients have been discharged from hospital after recovery. Of the traced close contacts, there are 47 suspected cases, 1554 are still under medical observation, while 181 were freed from medical observation on Feb. 25th.

Till now, there have been 16 foreigners received medical observation in Sichuanaccumulatively. All of them have been freed from quarantine, and none was confirmed infected COVID-19.
II. Sichuan Province Adjusts Public Health Emergency Response to Level II

As is issued by Sichuan Emergency Committee on February 25th, approved by the Party Committee of the CPC of Sichuan Province and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, the Public Health Emergency Response in Sichuan is adjusted from Level I to Level II, starting from 00:00 February 26th, 2020,according to the relevant national laws and regulations as well as the current situation of the COVID-19 in the province.

As required to adopt an area and tier-based approach of epidemic prevention and control, all localities across the province shall formulate science-based plans and adopt targeted approaches in light of local conditions as part of the effort to boost economic and social development alongside epidemic control.


What should we do after the Public Health Emergence Response downgraded to Level II?
The major difference between different levels of Public Health Emergence Response is reflected in the responsibility of different levels of government. For the public, no matter which level of emergency response is implemented, self-protection is an essential way to prevent the novel coronavirus and control the epidemic. After being adjusted to Level II, we still need to strengthen self-protection, wear masks while going out,and minimize social activities and unnecessary gathering. Home and office should be ventilated frequently. Wash hands frequently, pay attention to food hygiene, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
















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