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Feeling fiery today? That’s probably because it’s Dragon Head Raising Day, which falls each year on the second day of the second lunar month, as recorded by the proverb: “On the second day of the second month in Chinese lunar calendar, the dragon is awaked, raising his head” (二月二,龙抬头 Èr yuè èr, lóng táitóu).

If you didn’t know already, dragons are a prominent totem in Chinese culture, believed to dominate natural forces like wind and rain. On this day, they “raise their heads” (or awaken) with the sound of rumbling thunder, a sign of the coming rains that will revitalize the earth. Around this time , the earth is bursting with life, grass and trees are beginning to sprout and farmers are getting ready to till the fields. In ancient China, people would worship the dragon god beside a river or a lake, praying for the precious spring rains to nurture their crops.

Let us pray for an early end to the epidemic, good harvest and the greatest prosperity and happiness 

for all the beings on this earth.

 Wish you good health and a happy family!

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