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Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province Update on the Epidemic of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVI

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Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province
Update on the Epidemic of
Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Sichuan Province

Feb. 17th, 2020

I. Briefing on the epidemic

Latest updates by the Health Commission of Sichuan Province:

14 new cases of novel coronavirus disease(COVID-19) were confirmed in Sichuan Province, with 40 new suspected cases and no new fatal case, while 9 patients have been newly cured and discharged from hospital on Feb. 16th. As of 24:00 of Feb. 16th, 495 cases have been reported in Sichuan Province accumulatively. At present, there are 356 under treatment in isolation (including 15 severe cases), 3 fatal cases,191 suspected cases, and 136 patients have been discharged from hospital after recovery. Of the traced close contacts, 3563 are still under medical observation,while 1036 were freed from medical observation on Feb. 16th.

From Feb. 14th to 16th, 4 foreigners were freed from medical observation, and there was no new reported case. At present, 1 foreigner in Sichuan is voluntarily receiving medical observation, and is in good health condition.

II. Laws & Policies

In order to make the epidemic prevention and control more targeted,accurate, scientific and effective, as well as strictly prevent the expansion and spread, Sichuan Provincial People’s Government recently introduced the Operating Guidelines on Classified and Sectionalized Prevention and Control of the Pneumonia Epidemic Caused by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The guideline sectionalizes each administrative area into Current-Symptom Case Free Zone, Sporadic Case Occurrence Zone, Community-wide Outbreak Zone and Localized Epidemic Zone,according to its regional incidence rates.

i. Current-Symptom Case Free Zone

Refers to administration areas without occurrence of cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), or the areas in which the last case have been discharged from hospital after recovery while no new cases have been reported since then.

The major work in Current-Symptom Case Free Zone is to improve medical care and disease control plans, consummate emergency preparedness, adopt grid management measures on population of influx, conduct all-round investigation, home quarantine and health monitoring in the community, and suspend the mass gathering activities.

ii.Sporadic Case Occurrence Zone

Refers to administration areas in which only rare cases or sporadic case occurs.

The major work in Sporadic Case Occurrence Zone is to normatively set-up fever clinic, carry out patient treatment work according to the principles of concentrating cases, assembling experts, pooling resources and centralized treatment, together with implement the work of personnel registration and management in the community.

Before resuming work, all the departments and enterprises should declare employee information and strengthen management.

iii. Community-wide Outbreak Zone

Refers to administration areas in which the morbidity within a week is between 3 / per 100,000 and 15 / per 100,000.

The major work in Community-wide Outbreak Zone is to coordinate and mobilize resources in the administrative coverage, adopt classified diagnosis,treatment and management, make all-out efforts to carry out medical treatment,limit all kinds of crowd gathering activities, and implement strict close management in community.

The blockade of the epidemic spot will be adopt when necessary.

iv. Localized Epidemic Zone

Refers to administration areas in which the morbidity within a week is above 15 / per 100,000.

The major work in Localized Epidemic Zone is to cut off the input and output of the cases determinedly, strengthen medical treatment measures comprehensively, set up a group of hospitals for centralized treatment urgently, leave no coronavirus patient unattended, implement the strictest grid-based management in community.

The limitation on contact between people thoroughly and blockade the epidemic spot and area will be adopt when necessary.















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