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A Letter of Encouragement

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Dear Teachers,

We understand how difficult it has been for you and the entire Chinese community, still ,we believe that in no distant time from now, we will overcome the extreme feeling of despair and sudden sadness the epidemic brought us.

At some points In the history of every nation, a battle against certain epidemic always erupts and those are times when the skillfulness, superiority and heroism of such country is put to test.

Presently in the US, over 6.4 million flu illnesses leading to more than 55,000 hospitalization and innumerable deaths has been estimated. In Europe, a similar case of Klebsiella Pneumonia had remained a threat to national tranquility till date. In West Africa, the epidemic Ebola virus death toll has caught across boundaries. In central Japan, swine flu epidemic has remained a subject of discourse till today. This is indeed a proof that what we face today is nothing out of the ordinary.

Frankly speaking, the world has strong confidence in the medical and technological prowess of this great nation towards annihilating the epidemic, hence, you must remain  resolute as to oppose every ill thought or doubts that undermines the overall goal.

Please keep in mind that this same soaring and unyielding people in 2003, conquered “Flu” which posed a great threat to national well being, thus, became stronger than ever.  

There is a bright Light at the very end of this tunnel. Let's Keep Moving! 


International students, CDUTCM

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