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Residence Permit Procedure Formalities

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The passport is the legal identity document for foreign students to stay in China. Foreign students must hold ordinary passports to study in China, bring out the passports and keep safe in proper custody, to be checked by the public security organs. Passports may not be altered, defaced or stamped privately. It is a serious offence to lend or sell passport to others.

2.Visa and Residence Permit

Students who study in China must hold a study visa (X1 or X2) to enter the country. Those who enter the country with a X1 visa must apply for a residence permit within 30 days after entering the country, and if they fail to do so within the time limit, they will not need to apply for a residence permit. If the visa stay is insufficient, please apply for a residence permit before the visa stay expires. Those who fail to apply for a residence permit within the period of stay constitute illegal residence. X2 visa stay period is subject to visa indication.

3.Accommodation Registration

If an overseas student lodges in a hotel in China, his or her hotel shall register his or her accommodation in accordance with the relevant regulations on the administration of public security in the hotel industry; if an overseas student lodges in a student's apartment in the school, he or she shall register his or her accommodation with the police station under the jurisdiction of the school district within 24 hours after his or her stay; if an overseas student resides in a rental or other residence outside the school, he or she shall register his or her residence with the public security organ to which he or she resides.When the overseas students change their accommodation address, change their passports, change their visas or residence permits,change their contact information, re-enter the country after leaving the country or the registration of accommodation expires, they should re-register in time. Failure to register or re-register in time constitutes illegal residence.

4.Visa extension and Residence Permit

Overseas students should pay attention to their residence permit or visa stay period, overdue constitutes illegal residence. If it is necessary to extend the duration of the visa stay or residence permit, the application for extension materials shall be submitted to the Institute of International Education 30 days before the expiration of the stay or residence permit specified in the visa. If the residence permit or visa expires during the winter and summer vacation, the extension should be processed 30 days before the holiday.

Students are required to carry the following materials when handling the relevant formalities:

1) Visa / Stay Permit / Resident permit Application Form

2) TheProof of study certificateissued by the international Education College  

3) The “Contact card for foreign units”  

4) Medical examination report / Health certificate issued by the competent authorities concerned  

5) Documents provided by authorities concerned for Foreign Students to China (JW201/JW202)

6) Passport front page, visa page and last entry stamp page

7) Originals and copies of valid passport

8) Recently taken half-length, white background, bareheaded, full-faced two-inch photo

9) Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign National

10) Payment Receipt certificate (this item is only used for the examination of visa processing materials issued by the International Education College)

For the first time applicant, materials number 1-5 are collected from the International Education College and materials 6-10 need to be prepared by the students themselves.

For the extension of the residence permit, the International Education College only issued materials number 1-3, the rest of the materials please copy and retain by all the students.


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