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In accordance with students’ applications for returning back to Wenjiang campus dormitory, please do prepare the following requirement in order to ensure the safety of yourself and have a self responsibility for the community:

1. Submit   health daily report constantly on time .

2. Finish the covid-19 and its antibody tests before returning back to school.

3. Provide green “天府健康码” and last 14 days journey record from “国务院” APP.

4. Write the letter of Commitment and always update health condition with respective teacher

5. Make a true and correct check list of body temperature (three times daily for morning, afternoon and evening) in excel format.  

Students should bring the above documents when entering the school south gate at 10 am June 19.


After returning back, students should abide by following regulations:

1. Comply with all the relevant management, rules and regulations of the university and respective departments.

2. Do self-quarantine and check body temperature daily 3 times for a week.

3. Fill in the  health daily report on time.

4. Attend classes on time and study harder.



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Chengdu University of TCM

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