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Notice about 2020 Chinese Classic Performance Activities

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In order to promote the excellent Chinese culture and highlight the charm of the Chinese language, in 2020 the university organized a series of activities and welcome foreign students to join the narration of Chinese classics and calligraphy.

The specific programme of activities is as follows:

1. Activity content

Inheriting on the splendid Chinese culture and endorse lively spirit dynamism of our times. The "Narration of ancient and modern classics, Calligraphy of Chinese civilization, Narration of Chinese storytelling, adopting Sichuanese "as the main theme.

2. Activity requirements

 Reciting /Narration of Chinese Classics

1). Activities description

Reading Chinese classics incorporated along with activities through music, clothing apparels, chanting and other auxiliary means to show the meaning of the classic, the best excellent video works will participate in the province's level to show up and perform.

2).Entry requirements

l Participants for one group should not exceed 12 people. Works can use music, clothing apparels, chanting and other auxiliary means of fusion to show the content of reading.

l The contestants should be well-dressed, energetic, decent and generous in their posture, with novel and varied forms of recitation, which are in harmony with the theme of recitation.

l The video works required minimum resolution of HD 1920*1080, MP4 video format. Request clear picture & sound , no jitter, no background noise, video length between 3~6 minutes,the size of the video not more than 500 MB( can be converted to non-HD files, HD uncompressed version of their own retention, for the award after the display broadcast). The beginning of the video requires, introduction and presentation of the title of the work, the name of the contestant, the group and the school/university name and department.

3).Submission method

A team or individual should fill out the application form and send the video of the entry documents and the electronic version of Application Form and Information Form of the Foreign Students' Group of Sichuan Province (Annex 1) to the mailbox of International Education College. The deadline for registration is July 10,2020.

Articles writing about China ( writing Chinese classic)

1).Activity description

Activities focusing on displaying the Chinese excellent traditional culture, building a well-off society in an all-round way and winning the positive energy of prevention and control of epidemic situation, organize and carry out the selection activities of calligraphy and original poems in university, and the best outstanding works will participate in the selection and theme exhibition of the whole province.

2).Entry Requirements

l Calligraphy: For more details, please refer to the Notice on Launching the Chinese Classic Recitation Lecture Series in Sichuan Province 2020 (Annex 2)

l Composition: no limit for genre (except poetry) with 500~2000 words.

l Poetry: Including modern poetry, the line of play follow the modern poetry. length not more than 30 lines, should have a title. the requirement is based on the mandarin phonetic system.

l Each person can only submit one work, original idea and has not been published in any public publication, including web publications, and all works require the use of Chinese language.

3).Submission method

A team or individual will submit the original version of the works to the office of IEC in wenjiang campus, and remarks in the name with "Sichuan province 2020 Chinese classic recitation speech series activities summary form ", send the electronic version to the school of international education mailbox The deadline for registration is July 10,2020.

3. Other matters

University has the right to display, publish, compile, distribute and disseminate the entries, and authorship. All submitted entries should be backed up beforehand and can’t be withdrawn after submitted.


4. Contact information

Contact: Wang Laoshi

Contact information:



Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

International Education College

26 June 2020