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From the very first time, we came to Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. we as the international student of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine wanted to express ourselves as part of the school, at last, the chance came, we all together that came from Indonesia, India, and Pakistan.  

Although we came from many different countries and cultural backgrounds.  we as the international student that came to Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine feel very honored and privileged to have a chance to present a dance for the school of medicine and life sciences 2019 welcome party, that could present us as an international education college student.

The welcoming party is very exciting. In the morning we have our chance to rehearse the Gymnasium, it was time to arrange everything such as lighting, music, property and every single thing that we need for the dance. It was very quick and efficient at the same time. so we enjoy the hustle and bustle of the arrangement. we learned a lot on how to organized a performance.

And then after the first rehearsal, we get ready to put the makeup in our face because we wanted this performance to show the best of us. Some of us doing makeup by ourselves and the rest of us were helped by our Chinese friend, made it very convenient for us, that is what we love the most from China, we are always welcome and treated very well kind of like a sister from another country and always treated as part of the family.

And then around 6 o’clock sharp, the event officially starts and because we were in the 6th round, we still can watch other awesome performances by the other student before finally, we performed. Our today's performance is about happiness and gratitude, we did share our happiness with the audience and it was a very exciting event to attend because there we can see different art from a different culture, for example, traditional Chinese dresses and the creativity of the students. I hope everyone who were there and watched us could feel the exact feeling as we were also, we felt so honored and grateful to be part of this event.

We came here  not only to study but also to have a balance healthy lifestyle of a student. although we have language barrier in communicating with the organizer of the events but eventually the welcome party is a big success. deep down in every dancer we have a satisfied feeling that we get the chance of performing as part of the school. next year if we get the chance of performing again, for sure we will perform a new and fresher dance. 

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