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Enjoy Different Delicacy&Experience Culture Diversity

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On November 28th, the opening ceremony of the 15th International Food and Culture Festival was held at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which was sponsored by the logistics department and International Education College.


Series of performances were staged over in the festival. Catwalk show, Instrumental playing and singing, group dancing given by International Educationa College created a lively atmosphere.


Students from 19 countries and regions participated in food competition. In order show the best of their food culture, most students stay over night to prepare the dishes. Wanna try Germany vegetarian chocolate brownie? Fried lamb in pan from Pakistan? Martabak mie from Indonesia? Egusi soup with garri from the streets of Nigeria? What about a Curry fish from Hong Kong? Tom yum kung from Thailand? oh don't forget samosa from India or maybe Oyster omolet from different corners of China. 

This event is a good opportunity to thrill your taste buds at a myriad of food stalls and to appreciate different cultures. Let’s look forward to the awarding!