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Notice on the Application of Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship in 2020

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Incentive criteria The reward standard is: 

The doctoral level is 30000 yuan per person / annual

The master level is 25000 yuan per person /annual

The undergraduate level is 20000 yuan per person /annual

The advanced student scholarship is 10000 yuan per person /annual



1. applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, friendly to China and in good health;

2. applicants must have excellent academic performance;

3. did not enjoy other Chinese government scholarships.

4. the applicant's education and age requirements:

(1) An applicant for doctoral degree must have a master's degree, not exceeding 40 years of age

(2) An applicant for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree, not exceeding 35 years of age;

(3) Those who apply for an undergraduate degree must graduate from high school, not exceeding 30 years of age;

(4) Students who apply for advanced student education must graduate from high school and be no older than 45 years of age.


Language requirements: 

1. Undergraduate students studying qualifications must pass the HSK 4 

2. Master's and Doctoral students qualifications must pass the HSK 5 

3.Undergraduate students studying using English medium must have proof of relevant language proficiency.


Materials Application Form for Government Scholarship:

1. Application Form for Government Scholarship for Foreign Students in Sichuan (Annex 1)

2. Applicant's passport or certificate of foreign nationality

3. Transcript or relevant academic certificate

4. Related language proficiency

5. Applicant comprehensive recommendation material. The comprehensive recommendation materials include the comprehensive quality of the applicant and the participation of the activities, such as a copy of the winning certificate, photos of the participation activities, etc.

Related requirements and submission time:

1. Each applicant's application form and attached materials must be scanned in PDF format.

2. Please send the above electronic materials to the ; deadline before 17:00 20 July 2020

3. Email title format as "Student Full Name Application Scholarship Name " ex “David bryan Government Scholarship”

4. If the recommended materials are not complete, and do not meet the requirements or exceed the prescribed time shall not be accepted.


Contact person:

Ms. Xu

Tel: 028-82682484




Application Form for Government Scholarship for Foreign Students in Sichuan (Annex 1)



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