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Online Registration Procedure for 2020 Batch New Students

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2020 Batch Clinical Medicine ( Western and Chinese Medicine)Online Registration Procedure for New Student 

I. Please Download and register Wechat and Tencent Meeting APP

II. Please complete and scan the following QR code and join the class WeChat group before November 12,2020. Please edit your group alias as your application number+your name.

Example Format : 20200900099 RandySolovo

III. Online identity verification will be conducted at November 13,2020

Time Arrangement:

batch1: 10am-11am (Admission number 20200500015-20200700045)

batch2: 11am-12am ( Admission number20200800001-20200800050)

batch3: 2pm-3pm (Admission number20200800051-20200900027)

batch4: 3pm-4pm (Admission number20200900028-20201000038)

Materials needed:

Original Passport

Pre-admission Notice (Print out paper version)

Graduation certificate

Procedure Steps:

1. The students need to log on to WeChat according to their application number and wait online, open the camera while mute the sound (WeChat video / Tencent conference video).

2. The student displays the passport front page and the school pre-admission notice, in accordingly the teacher checks his/her identity and asks some questions.

3. Students who pass the verification will be assigned the roll number, the student are required to remember his/her roll number, then exit the video conference.

4. The student needs to rename the group alias inside the 2020CDUTCM group according to the roll number and Chinese name.

5. students who can not log in on time for online registration due to special circumstances should inform the teacher in advance and apply for adjustment of the time for identity verification. Students who do not participate in the identity verification without reason will be deemed to give up admission automatically.

IV. On November 16, we will have online orientation to introduce the school environment, campus life, school rules and regulations, the operation and use of the online teaching platforms. Please ensure the network environment during this period.


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