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Notice on Teaching Order Inspections

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Notice on Teaching Order Inspections


In order to further strengthen teaching management, improve teaching services, standardize teaching order, and optimize academic atmosphere, the university has decided to carry out teaching order inspections in 2020. According to relevant work requirements, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:


1. Work objectives

Through inspections of teaching order, timely discover and solve problems in teaching work, standardize daily teaching behavior, optimize academic atmosphere, and ensure teaching quality.


2. Time and form

Inspection time for this semester: November 9th-November 20th.


The inspection is divided into two levels: university level and college level. At the university level, the university-level teaching supervision team is responsible, with the participation of all relevant functional departments, to comprehensively inspect the class situation of teachers and students, and the management and service of functional departments. The college level mainly check the teachers and students of the college.


The inspection forms include lecture,teaching conditions,teaching services, etc. Any problems found should be communicated and fed back in time and coordinated to solve them.


3. Teaching inspection content


(1) Teaching inspection

Teacher’s teaching attitude

The appearance and image of the teachers should meet the professional requirements, pay attention to wear neat and orderly,have serious attitude, and give a civilized speech; if there are no special situation, it is not allowed to sit and teach.


Preparation for teaching

Teachers should arrive in the classroom or laboratory five minutes in advance to prepare for teaching, bring textbooks, syllabus, teaching plans, teaching calendars, student name list and necessary teaching aids, and turn off the mobile phones.


Teaching quality

Teachers should make full use of modern technology and advanced teaching methods to carry out diversified teaching. Teaching content should be completed, teaching duration should be reasonable, key and difficult points should be clear. There should be good teacher-student interaction and teachers should focus on mobilizing students’ initiative and enthusiasm for learning.


(2) Teaching discipline inspection

Teacher discipline

Check whether the class teacher is late, leave early, transfer or suspend classes privately, ask other teachers or graduate students to substitute for classes, etc.; teachers should check the attendance of students during class, maintain classroom order, and strict classroom discipline.


Student discipline

Check whether students are late, leave early, absent from class, fail to attend class seriously, and do not obey the teacher's management; during breaks, students should be prevented from playing and making noise in the teaching building.


(3)Teaching conditions and service inspection

Teaching conditions

Check whether classrooms, laboratories, teachers’ lounges, toilets, corridors, etc. are clean and tidy, and whether facilities such as power supply, water supply, and drinking water are normal.


Classroom facilities

Check whether the classroom computer equipment, lighting, and electric fans in the classroom are normal, whether the tables and chairs are in good condition, and whether the classroom computer equipment is turned off when the teacher finish the class.


4. Work requirements

If problems are found, they should promptly communicate and give feedback. After the inspection work is completed, all relevant functional departments and colleges shall conduct a summary analysis, and formulate corresponding measures for rectification.




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November 5, 2020



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